Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Do Your Sales Reps Skip Meetings?

Android App
Nexus Locator
Have you ever faced the situation when one of your salesmen keep telling you they go to meetings but you don't really see the results, sometimes you can't even know if they have actually been to the meeting or somewhere else. Sometimes you may just be paranoid, but what if you're not?

Sales management is definitely not about controlling your sales reps 100%, or making them feel uncomfortable, you want them to be relaxed whenever they meet clients, but you can't ignore the fact that some of them might not do their job at all.

At CeBIT 2014 we launched a new product, a mobile application designed for logistics that can also be used by sales managers to have an idea about how active their sales reps are. We launched Nexus Locator, an Android Application for monitoring employees phones so you can always see your sales reps in real-time on the map and generate various reports about their activity, routes and speeding.

One of the most important features Nexus Locator offers for sales management is designing hot spots (Point of Interests) on the map. In this situation, for sales management, you can create a hot spot for each one of your clients office location and generate reports regarding visits in the hot spots you created. This way you will always know if and when your sales reps visit clients and if they actually try to do their job.

Aside from Zimplu CRM, Nexus Electronics Company offers GPS Tracking solutions since 2007, and we do have a lot of customers who use traditional GPS trackers to monitor their sales people vehicles, just so they know if they are doing their job. Nexus Locator App is the new solution for GPS Tracking, making it even better and easier to manage your human resources.

This is not only about control, but it is always useful to know who is available for a job when something comes up. Sometimes you just want to know which one of your clients generate more costs for your company, or you need to have an idea about how many meetings were needed for each customer in order to close the deal.

Nexus Locator can be found on Google Play Store.