Monday, 24 March 2014

3 Future Technologies from CeBIT 2014

Each day brings us closer to the reality imagined by Hanna-Barbera for the animated characters from the Jetsons family who can do anything by just pressing a button. When surrounded objects are endowed with artificial intelligence and can solve problems without requiring our constant attention, we only have to focus on essential tasks and become more efficient. CeBIT 2014 (March 10 to 14, Hannover, Germany), the most important trade fair in the field of IT, has brought to the public this year's innovations who seem to emerge from the world of science fiction:

A free Android application and easy to use, Nexus Locator was developed by Nexus Electronics Company, who can track your mobile phone on the map in real-time and sends the information to the managers in real time. The app is particularly useful for companies that must constantly monitor their employees working outside the office to increase or improve their efficiency.  In addition, the application solves some problems regarding communication between the headquarter and the teams on the ground, for all daily tasks can be supervised, directed or modified from the office and received instantly by the traveling employees.

A smart house that can learn your habits and make you enjoy your every day is no longer a dream. With such a system implemented, windows know when to open themselves, the heating system works according to the outside temperature, the coffee is ready until you're out from the shower and lights turn on whenever you enter a room. You have more time to spend and the costs lower when everything is programmed.

If you want to get accurate information about every aspect of your life, you can choose a body monitoring system to wear it everywhere you go. The bracelets have a modern design, lightweight and they record how many hours you slept, what you ate, mood, heart rate, exercises you do, and the calories you consume in a day. Also, the bracelet will be sure to wake you up at the right time of the sleep cycle, to notify you if you haven't exercised in a while, to show you patterns and correlations between your daily activities.