Monday, 31 March 2014

5 Steps To Follow After Recruiting a New Salesman

You had tons of meetings regarding expanding your business and the board  finally decided you need more sales representatives in order to cover the market. Hiring a new salesman is good, but most of the companies don't see the results they were expecting. Are you confident the new employee will adapt to your business?

Hiring a new salesman is great, but most of the companies don't see the results they were expecting to see, and most of the time they blame the employee for not being able to adapt to their business. But how often are the employers right?

Before you decide to start hiring and schedule interviews, you should establish a clear process for the new salesmen in order to get him to the same level with your other colleagues. Treating this process with maximum importance is what will capitalize your recruiting investments and efforts, not to mention the time you invested.

Here are 5 Steps To Follow After Recruiting a New Salesman:

1Get him to know your products and services inside out
Most of the businesses provide common products and services, and sometimes managers make the mistake to believe that what they offer is easy to understand. Do not avoid any details, like I said, get him to know your business inside out.

2. Teach him how you sell
I know, he is a salesman, he is supposed to know how to sell, but every company and every sales manager has a different perspective, a different organizational culture. Just like at Zimplu, we advise our salesmen to talk in a very polite way, to use certain words in a discussion or to avoid certain subjects in a meeting. There is more in salesmen than just being the ones who bring contracts, they are also the ones your clients meet first and make your company look good or bad in the eyes of your customers.

3. Get him to know your audience
This is the step where most of the companies fail. The new salesman knows your product very well and he understands the organizational culture, but how much does he know about your targeted customers? Most of the new colleagues will come from different types of businesses, and if they were used to talk to transport companies managers, it won't mean he will be as good as talking to bank managers or consultancy companies. There is a different approach for each type of customer, so make sure your salesman "wears the right suit".

4. Make sure he knows how to use your CRM
Before you read this, I hope you do use a CRM System. Every salesman should have an experience in using CRM applications and the CRM will be the first help he will get for doing his job right. By having a database of customer discussions and contact details, you salesman will get all the support he needs to get in touch with prospects and start working.

5. Control and Measure
So, your salesman fits your organizational culture, knows your CRM and knows your business inside out. It's time to go to meetings and start making calls. This is where your sales and management skills step in and help your new colleague correct his mistakes in order to represent your company the way you want to, so make sure you go to the first meetings together in order observe him.

Mission accomplished! 

Monday, 24 March 2014

3 Future Technologies from CeBIT 2014

Each day brings us closer to the reality imagined by Hanna-Barbera for the animated characters from the Jetsons family who can do anything by just pressing a button. When surrounded objects are endowed with artificial intelligence and can solve problems without requiring our constant attention, we only have to focus on essential tasks and become more efficient. CeBIT 2014 (March 10 to 14, Hannover, Germany), the most important trade fair in the field of IT, has brought to the public this year's innovations who seem to emerge from the world of science fiction:

A free Android application and easy to use, Nexus Locator was developed by Nexus Electronics Company, who can track your mobile phone on the map in real-time and sends the information to the managers in real time. The app is particularly useful for companies that must constantly monitor their employees working outside the office to increase or improve their efficiency.  In addition, the application solves some problems regarding communication between the headquarter and the teams on the ground, for all daily tasks can be supervised, directed or modified from the office and received instantly by the traveling employees.

A smart house that can learn your habits and make you enjoy your every day is no longer a dream. With such a system implemented, windows know when to open themselves, the heating system works according to the outside temperature, the coffee is ready until you're out from the shower and lights turn on whenever you enter a room. You have more time to spend and the costs lower when everything is programmed.

If you want to get accurate information about every aspect of your life, you can choose a body monitoring system to wear it everywhere you go. The bracelets have a modern design, lightweight and they record how many hours you slept, what you ate, mood, heart rate, exercises you do, and the calories you consume in a day. Also, the bracelet will be sure to wake you up at the right time of the sleep cycle, to notify you if you haven't exercised in a while, to show you patterns and correlations between your daily activities.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Do Your Sales Reps Skip Meetings?

Android App
Nexus Locator
Have you ever faced the situation when one of your salesmen keep telling you they go to meetings but you don't really see the results, sometimes you can't even know if they have actually been to the meeting or somewhere else. Sometimes you may just be paranoid, but what if you're not?

Sales management is definitely not about controlling your sales reps 100%, or making them feel uncomfortable, you want them to be relaxed whenever they meet clients, but you can't ignore the fact that some of them might not do their job at all.

At CeBIT 2014 we launched a new product, a mobile application designed for logistics that can also be used by sales managers to have an idea about how active their sales reps are. We launched Nexus Locator, an Android Application for monitoring employees phones so you can always see your sales reps in real-time on the map and generate various reports about their activity, routes and speeding.

One of the most important features Nexus Locator offers for sales management is designing hot spots (Point of Interests) on the map. In this situation, for sales management, you can create a hot spot for each one of your clients office location and generate reports regarding visits in the hot spots you created. This way you will always know if and when your sales reps visit clients and if they actually try to do their job.

Aside from Zimplu CRM, Nexus Electronics Company offers GPS Tracking solutions since 2007, and we do have a lot of customers who use traditional GPS trackers to monitor their sales people vehicles, just so they know if they are doing their job. Nexus Locator App is the new solution for GPS Tracking, making it even better and easier to manage your human resources.

This is not only about control, but it is always useful to know who is available for a job when something comes up. Sometimes you just want to know which one of your clients generate more costs for your company, or you need to have an idea about how many meetings were needed for each customer in order to close the deal.

Nexus Locator can be found on Google Play Store.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

How Much Do You Value Data?

There are a lot of managers who don't recognize the data and information that flows through their company as an asset. Entrepreneurs or other managers who think about their assets in terms of human resources, equipment, machines, vehicles, but they never considered data and information as an asset for their company. Of course we are not talking about big enterprises here, most of them are small or medium businesses who never thought of data to be an important factor for their business, companies who never gathered data and they are not afraid to lose it.

Imagine this: a small sales department with 5 to 10 salesmen in a company where every salesman goes to meetings, pitches contacts and makes calls. All the discussions, phone numbers, company names go into employees personal organizers, notebooks. Salesmen come and go, and when they go, they take all the data with them, and when they come, they have to start from the bottom. This is the typical cycle for a lot of companies out there who don't use business software solutions, ERP systems or CRM Applications. What is worse is that they still believe they can work it out the way it is right now, managers who often think that software solutions are too big of a hassle.

Nexus Electronics company, for example, started to use a CRM system for sales since day 1 and just like in any other company or sales department, people come and go, but when sales people go, the information stays in the company's database. We are talking about tens of thousands of contacts who were probably not ready to purchase at first, but every time a  sales person started a new discussion with a lead, they knew everything about the company, who is the decision maker, what discussions other co-workers had with them, what kind of people they are talking to and how to approach them.

For these kind of companies, data is extremely valuable because it actually brings value to the company. Companies who value data will always be one step ahead of the competitors, they can identify needs easier and sales people can come up with a better strategy. We can always stay comfortable, but sometimes we have no idea the performance we can achieve if we step outside of our comfort zone, in this case implementing a CRM solution for the Sales Department.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

See You in Hannover at CeBIT 2014

CeBIT 2013 was a real success for Nexus Electronics, we managed to make new partners from all over the world, find new customers for our GPS Tracking Devices and tell more people about other technologies that we offer. We didn't put too much effort into Zimplu CRM last year, but this year is going to be different, Zimplu CRM will be one of the main products we will present at CeBIT.

What is CeBIT?
CeBIT is one of the biggest technology fairs in the world, it takes place every year in Hannover, Germany, and it has an exhibition area of roughly 450,000 square meters. In a literal translation, CeBIT comes from Center for Office Automation, Information Technology and Telecommunication, with a record of 850,000 visitors. 

What Will Nexus Electronics Present at CeBIT 2014?

First of all, we will be there to give you more information about Zimplu CRM, about benefits for using it, its features, and what we brought new in our application.

We've been working hard to make improvements to Zimplu CRM, our customers now have more features they can use for even more activities in the organization than sales and customer support. The design of Zimplu is also something we've been changing, and we are not even done yet. Zimplu CRM is now closer to become a full professional tool for business, indispensable for our customers.

Zimplu Team is looking forward to meet you this year at CeBIT.

Just like last year, we will continue to present Nexus Telematics devices for Fleet Management, and even Nexus Locator, an Android App for monitoring mobile phones.

We will also introduce you to one of our newest application, Perpeton, a server monitoring web application that helps companies provide better services online and announces them when their servers have problems in order to avoid server crashes.

Monday, 6 January 2014

2014 Surprise: Advanced Filtering is Now Available in Zimplu CRM

We had this in mind for a long time, and now it is finally ready! We implemented the advanced filtering option in Zimplu CRM which will help you sort your companies, opportunities, contacts, and support tickets using custom conditions.

Imagine having the option to filter your companies by the number of employees, location, revenue, or domain at the same time with the possibility to export your data in a spreadsheet where you can create custom charts for your filtered database or send emails to the selected companies.

Filtering can be done at the most advanced level for any of your existing fields, including custom fields. Filters can be created by any user, each filter you create is specific to your user account, and the filters you create for one account will not be available for the rest of your users.

How to Create Filters in Zimplu CRM?

Start by clicking the filter button on the top right corner to create a filter.

After you click on create filter, a new window will pop up where you can add as many conditions as you wish for the existing columns (don't forget about the Filter Name).

When you are done, click the save button, and then you may select your filter from the Filter List on the top right corner. Selecting a filter will apply all its conditions to your list.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Columns Visibility - Video Tutorial

Following the latest blog post regarding columns visibility, we now created a Video Tutorial to help you understand better what columns visibility is and how it can help you.
Watch the video below for a better understanding of the Columns Visibility Feature:

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