Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Nexus Electronics announced that Zimplu CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is now Free for any kind of Company. If somebody wants to use this service for Free, all he needs to do is visit Zimplu CRM website and create an account, after the account was created you can use Zimplu CRM for an unlimited time. This announce comes after one month ago Nexus Electronics said that any NGO can use Zimplu CRM for Free for an unlimited amount of users.

What is Zimplu CRM ?
Zimplu CRM is a web tool for Companies that want to streamline their sales and customer support activities, helping departments to organize daily activities, discussions and contact database.

The main advantages of using Zimplu CRM are lower costs and mobility. Zimplu CRM can be used anywhere in the world, from any computer or smartphone, as long as they are connected to the Internet.

The CRM offered by Nexus Electronics has a friendly interface which makes it extremely easy to use by any employee, it is fast to increase employee efficiency and flexible for the taste of any manager.