Wednesday, 6 February 2013

What will Nexus Electronics Company present at CeBIT 2013

One of the most important international IT&C trade fair will take place this year between 5th and 9th of March at Hanover, Germany and it is expected to have more than 300 000 visitors. Nexus Electronics SRL will be at CeBIT as an exhibitor and this year we will focus more on launching an update for Zimplu CRM and Nexus GPS Tracking and we will launch one new service called Perpeton and one new product called Nexus Smart Locator. If you were following Zimplu in the last year since it was launched, you can now meet us and learn more about Nexus Electronics products, services and people behind it.

What is Nexus GPS Tracking ?
Nexus GPS Tracking is a fleet tracking system for monitoring cars launched in 2007. It is the most important service provided by Nexus Electronics with over 700 Business Clients who use the system to monitor over 12000 cars every day. Just like other services provided by Nexus Electronics, Nexus GPS Tracking is a also a SaaS. Clients use a web application where they log in using a username and a password, this way the service can be used any time, wherever they are.

Nexus Smart Locator will be the new product launched by our company, a plug&play tracking device that will be easy to use for any consumer without any kind of knowledge about telematics, electronics or other technologies. The regular telematics had to be installed by people who knew a thing or two about electricity as the devices needed to be installed under the car dashboard. On the other hand Nexus Smart Locator just needs to be plugged into the OBD-II connector and it works. After the consumer plugged in the device, it will be able to see all the data about the car (including new data like RPM or fuel consumption) on the Nexus GPS Tracking web application.

Perpeton, the new service provided by Nexus Electronics !
Perpeton is also a web application which in some way is very similar to Zimplu CRM, meaning that it also works online and it shows relevant data for your Business. This time though you will use Perpeton for other meanings instead of sales or customer relationship. Perpeton is a server monitor, if you have an online Business you want to be informed all the time about your server's status and you will always be looking forward from preventing your servers to crash. This is where Perpeton comes and alerts you if there is a problem with your servers, this way you can make an intervention and avoid losing all of your customers trust. Unlike other server monitors, Perpeton goes even further and helps you track the processes that run on your servers, this will help you understand how your servers run and what can you do to improve that.