Friday, 23 December 2011

How Can Technology Change Your Business?

How can Technology change your Business ?

Technology changed the way Business is done over the last decades, but how can technology change your Business in 2012 ?
Information technology is no longer in its infancy, but represents a greater transition phase, for example  nowadays we cannot imagine accounting without an accounting software or either way it would be pretty hard to work without it.
A lot of entrepreneurs recognize Technology as a way to eliminate the expenses with unskilled labor and substitute it with machines that will do the work cheaper, faster and at a higher quality.
Information Technology is different and it’s recognized for improving labor productivity, “makes things easier” as they would say. Information has an enormous importance, the speed with which it circulates through the system, the accuracy of the information and its redundancy cannot be ignored. As a result to all these, a lot of companies, even the small ones, implemented Computer Software to handle the information in the system.
The year of 2012 comes with something completely different, Cloud Computing is something we started to hear a few years ago and it’s becoming more and more visible and powerful. All of the technologies that were applied in the last century needed more or they were not complete so new technologies came up. Cloud Computing is what will make companies considerably reduce their costs and will make work easier since you can solve your problems anywhere you are.