Tuesday, 20 December 2011

7 Reasons to use a CRM application

1. Increase Sales
Most of the companies that use a CRM improved their sales thanks to the features this kind of application offers, nowadays companies in sales area cannot even live without a CRM application

2. Improve Productivity
One of the best things about a CRM application is speed, tasks can easily be assigned to employees and finding new leads has never been so easy. After a company starts to use a CRM application it is easy to see an increase of leads in your data base

3. Better Communication
Information will flow throughout the organization maintaining relevance and data accuracy at the same time. Unfortunately a lot of companies use complicated software irrelevant for their activity making it difficult to use by employees.

4. Have a better control of your Business
Time can be a big issue and you cannot be everywhere at the same time. Imagine yourself on vacation, admiring the view and knowing what’s happening in your company at the same time using only your laptop, Internet connection and a web browser.

5. Improve relationship with your customers
Problems appear all the time, sometimes it takes a lot of time and phone calls to solve them. Wouldn’t it be great if the right person in the company will know, with no efforts at all, in a short time what problem appeared and that he needs to act ? Keeping your customers happy is something you cannot overlook. A Software can solve these kind of problems but why do you need it when you already use a CRM application ?

6. Expand your Business
Improving your sales means having more customers, Nexus Electronics Company managed to almost double the number of customers in one year by using a CRM application.

7. Reduce maintenance costs and grants mobility
A lot of companies still have a big IT infrastructure, all kind of software that needs a lot of space and consumes a lot of energy plus you can only use it when you are at your desk. Wouldn’t it be great to have all these in one place and be able to use when you want and wherever you are?