Monday, 19 May 2014

Start Small, Don't Lose Data, Grow Big

You just started your business and your biggest concern right now is to find customers to sell your products or services to. There are probably thousands of prospects to call, emails to send and lots of things to keep track of. As a startup business it's easy to handle all the information, but can you keep it all whole and safe for when you grow big?

Now it’s the perfect time to prepare for later challenges. Until you become a significant company on the market, you’ll gather stories about every prospect you get in contact with, and you'll learn what their needs and opinions are. You must secure all this information, or you'll lose it in a couple of years. And then, what if you'll want to continue the conversation with prospects you already met?

There is no better time to implement a CRM than the startup stage

Often, startups decline to use a CRM system thinking that such technology is more than what they need for their business size. A few clients are easy to handle, but problems appear when the portfolio develops quickly. There are several on-demand CRM solutions available with affordable subscription plans for any startup company. So there's no reason not to take advantage of the benefits offered by CRM these days.

It’s difficult to manage all information, like contact details and discussions, if they are kept in a notebook or a spreadsheet. The business might not be suffering now, but as time passes, unorganized data and activities will affect you one way or another.

How implementing a CRM can help your startup in the long run?

To achieve performance, employees must be well organized and focused on their daily must-do activities. Furthermore, you should be aware of your company’s progress, which you can measure only by analysing data. A CRM system is exactly the solution that can help your company make the right adjustments in order to improve business.

Always be Marketing is a quote you want to stick to for as long as you do business. Having a CRM software can also help you communicate better with your prospects. Some of them won’t buy from you right now, but maybe they will some other time. It’s your job to stay in touch and build a strong image of your products or services.