Wednesday, 15 January 2014

See You in Hannover at CeBIT 2014

CeBIT 2013 was a real success for Nexus Electronics, we managed to make new partners from all over the world, find new customers for our GPS Tracking Devices and tell more people about other technologies that we offer. We didn't put too much effort into Zimplu CRM last year, but this year is going to be different, Zimplu CRM will be one of the main products we will present at CeBIT.

What is CeBIT?
CeBIT is one of the biggest technology fairs in the world, it takes place every year in Hannover, Germany, and it has an exhibition area of roughly 450,000 square meters. In a literal translation, CeBIT comes from Center for Office Automation, Information Technology and Telecommunication, with a record of 850,000 visitors. 

What Will Nexus Electronics Present at CeBIT 2014?

First of all, we will be there to give you more information about Zimplu CRM, about benefits for using it, its features, and what we brought new in our application.

We've been working hard to make improvements to Zimplu CRM, our customers now have more features they can use for even more activities in the organization than sales and customer support. The design of Zimplu is also something we've been changing, and we are not even done yet. Zimplu CRM is now closer to become a full professional tool for business, indispensable for our customers.

Zimplu Team is looking forward to meet you this year at CeBIT.

Just like last year, we will continue to present Nexus Telematics devices for Fleet Management, and even Nexus Locator, an Android App for monitoring mobile phones.

We will also introduce you to one of our newest application, Perpeton, a server monitoring web application that helps companies provide better services online and announces them when their servers have problems in order to avoid server crashes.