Wednesday, 21 August 2013

How to Manage Sales Pipeline using Zimplu Groups

The way you can group companies, contacts, opportunities, tasks, or opportunities in Zimplu is unique. Every group you create is like a tag, so if you have a company in your database who is a supplier and a customer at the same time, you can assign that company to the Customers group and Suppliers group at the same time. Basically, you insert the Customers and Suppliers tag for the same company. What will happen is that when you will select the Suppliers group, all of the suppliers will be listed, including this company, and when you will select the Customers group, all the customers will be listed, including this company. You may watch this tutorial video on how to create groups in Zimplu.

This is an important feature because you can use Groups to create your own sales pipeline, and at the same time, to organize your companies by role, or however you want.

How to create your Sales Pipeline using Groups?
Pipeline funnel

Lets say your pipeline looks like this: Cold Call - Engaged - Meeting Scheduled - Proposal Sent - Customers.

In this case, you will have 5 Company Groups for every step in your funnel.
If a company goes to the next step, e.g. from Proposal Sent to Customers, all you have to do is edit the company and replace the Proposal Sent group with Customers group.