Friday, 16 November 2012

Happy Anniversary Nexus Electronics SRL

6 Years ago Nexus Electronics SRL was founded by Florin Subtirica, a company with a great story behind even from the beginning. What Florin Subtirica would say is that this company didn't start with a big financial investment, it did start with a big emotional investment

Nexus Electronics SRL is well known for Nexus GPS Trackig and for Zimplu CRM, but there are not too many people who know that Nexus Electronics started by selling mp3 devices.

According to StartupPlays, there are 4 stages when founding a business, Idea - Launch - Growth - Optimize. Nexus Electronics case is more like Idea - Launch - Growth - Idea 2 - Launch 2 - Growth 2 - Abandon 1 - Optimize 2.

After the company got successful in the gps tracking market, the mp3 players were abandoned. So Nexus Electronics success was a lot more about intrapreneurial initiatives than entrepreneurial initiatives, serving today over 800 Companies.

We will not stop here, Nexus Electronics SRL will continue to provide the best Applications for lowering companies costs and for improving their productivity.